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Updated: 03/21/2019

Chabad's Children of Chernobyl

Children At Heart 2008

Jon Voigt, Kiefer Sutherland, and Moshe Malamud

Company Overview

M. Moshe Malamud, Chairman, has over 10 years of international business and marketing experience in Asia during which he oversaw the expansion of IGPC, an international corporation that has consulted to the governments of more than 75 countries in the areas of postal services, telecommunications, tourism, trade and public relations. At IGPC, Mr. Malamud led Inter-Governmental's Government Relations and Diplomatic Teams and later assumed all international responsibilities. In his marketing role, Mr. Malamud developed direct response programs for licensed products and distribution with hundreds of companies, including Walt Disney, TVSN, Planet Hollywood, 4 Kids Entertainment, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Media Asia and others. He also consulted with various celebrities, including Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, David Copperfield and Maya Angelou, on signature promotional projects. (more)


THE Michael Jackson merchandising has begun. On Wednesday night at Solo on Madison Avenue, Bruce Glatman, who was producing Jacko's London concert tour, and p.r. man Ken Sunshine, who was hired after Jackson's death to handle the media, dined on steaks with Moshe Malamud, owner of the Franklin Mint. "One of the main licensing items they were discussing is a special-edition Michael Jackson charm bracelet," said our source. An exhausted Sunshine confirmed the meal, but said, "What do I know about charm bracelets?"

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The Franklin Mint Expresses Interest in Acquiring Recently Shipwrecked Coins from 'Black Swan'.

Business Wire - May 19, 2007

EXTON, Pa. -- The Franklin Mint, which recently offered treasure from the El Cazador shipwreck in one of the most successful sales of authentic coins in history, today announced its interest in pursuing discussions with Odyssey Marine Exploration (AMEX:OMR) to acquire all or part of the immense treasure trove of silver and gold coins recently discovered along with the "Black Swan" shipwreck. The Franklin Mint is no stranger to multi-million dollar "buried treasure" finds. This March, the company announced that it had acquired hundreds of thousands of coins from the famous El Cazador, "the shipwreck that changed the world" by sparking a series of events that led to the (more)

TRAILBLAZER: Safety in numbers

Mobile users don't tend to have a problem giving out their numbers. So, as Tony Surtees and Moshe Malamud of Emaimai tell Rachel Oliver, why not let them pay for stuff with them too?

What do you get when you cross the ex-e-commerce head of Yahoo! with the international director of a global collectables conglomerate and 100 million Chinese stamp collectors? Well, you get a permission marketing-based mobile programme of course, that allows you to pay for stuff online and offline without ever having to reach for your wallet. It might sound like a crazy combination, but it is one that has resulted in Emaimai (, the online auction site for hard-to-find collectibles, figuring that it has solved the problem Asian consumers have with putting their credit card details online. Together Yahoo! veteran Tony Surtees (pictured left) and Emaimai founder Moshe Malamud have launched SURE (Secure User Remote Verification), a payment system which allows retailers to sell online and offline to consumers without ever asking for their credit card details. All they need is a mobile phone number. (more)
Phila. private equity firm in on Franklin Mint deal

Philadelphia Business Journal

LLR Partners Inc. said Thursday that it was part of the group that bought the Franklin Mint collectibles company.

The lead investors were Steve Sisskind and Moshe Malamud of Morgan Mint Inc., a Hicksville, N.Y.-based collectible coin-and-stamp company.

The Aston, Pa.-based Franklin Mint, known by many through its TV commercials, sells collectibles including dolls, scale-model cars and jewelry.

Joseph Segal, who also founded the QVC home-shopping channel that broadcasts from West Chester, Pa., started the Franklin Mint in 1964 as a mint for foreign governments, LLR said.

LLR, a Philadelphia private equity firm, did not disclose the amount of its investment or the overall value of the acquisition.

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